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The smallest of areas on equipment can contaminate entire production lines. For this reason, Ganter has expanded its Hygienic Design product family by adding one additional standard part.
All standard parts of this product family combine high surface quality, free from dead space and bacteria accumulation on outer surfaces as well as sealed mating surfaces.
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NEW  GN 1582 Stainless Steel Screws in Hygienic Design
Captive stainless steel screws GN 1582 with recessed stud for loss protection expand the product family Hygienic Design. The sealed mounting surface enables components to be mounted without dead spaces.
Due to the recessed stud, they are easily secured against loss, such as in a cover.
More information about Hygienic Design can be found in the current Highlights brochure.
GN 1582 Stainless Steel Screws, Hygienic Design, Low-Profile Head, with Recessed Stud for Loss Protection
NEW  GN 738.5 Stainless Steel Magnetic Plugs
 GN 738.5 Stainless Steel Magnetic Plugs
Stainless steel magnetic plugs GN 738. 5 attract iron particles which might be floating in the fluid. The stainless steel makes them suitable for use in particularly aggressive environments.
The outer diameter of stainless steel threaded plugs is matched to screw-in holes for pipe fittings according to DIN 3852.
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Application Video  GN 251.2 Setting Bolts
Setting bolts GN 251. 2 with limit switch are supplied with a hardened rounded head which serves as a firm end stop.
When the workpiece contacts the bolt head, an electrical signal is transmitted by the limit switch.
Watch our new application video to see how these setting bolts can be used.
Application Video GN 251.2 Setting Bolts
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