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In our first newsletter of the year we are pleased to present our latest interesting innovations in the product groups cabinet U-handles and adjusting screws.
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NEW  Cabinet U-Handles GN 564 with TPU Sheathing
Cabinet U-handles GN 564 with TPU-Sheathing
Cabinet U-handles GN 564 have an elliptically shaped, shock-absorbing sheathing made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This creates a non-slip surface that is especially pleasant to touch and suitable for frequent contact even under heavy duty conditions, such as in dirty environments or cold temperatures. The sheathing also reduces the risk of injury and prevents damage to other parts and surfaces. The sheathing material is wear resistant, insulating, and weather resistant, and is suitable for use in a wide temperature range.
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NEW  Perfectly Positioned with Adjusting Screws
On production machines and mechanisms, it is often necessary to carry out repeated positioning operations as simply and reliably as possible. For such secure and simple adjustments as well as for quick changing of mechanisms or tools, Ganter now offers three new parts that complement each other perfectly: stainless steel adjusting screws GN 827 with adjustment scale plus matching bearing blocks GN 828 and stainless steel knurled nuts GN 827. 1.
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Perfectly positioned with stainless steel adjusting screws
Ganter services: 24h delivery
Fast and direct! Thanks to a streamlined logistics concept, Ganter is capable of delivering standard parts at extremely short notice – anywhere in the world.
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