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There is a lot going on in the standard parts market! That's why we update you regularly about new products in our product range. We are pleased to introduce to you today, amongst others, the new stainless steel ball lock pins and our edge protection seal profile corners.
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NEW  Stainless Steel-Ball Lock Pins with L-Handle
Stainless Steel-Ball lock pins GN 113. 11 and GN 113. 12 are used for quick fixing, connecting and locking of various parts and workpieces.
The pin of the ball lock pin GN 113.12 is made of heavy duty, hardened, and highly abrasion-resistant stainless steel.
The two balls in the pin are unlocked by pressing the button in the handle.
Stainless Steel-Ball lock pins GN 113.11 / GN 113.12
NEW  Edge Protection Seal Profile Corners GN 2181
Edge protection seal profile corners GN 2181
Edge protection corner seal profiles GN 2181 are seals that can be quickly and easily implemented. The corner joint is sealed and firmly attached thanks to vulcanization.
The leg length l can be shortened or extended with the corresponding section of GN 2180. Installed “compressed” with an excess dimension of about 1% of the total length, the joints are tight fitting and do not require adhesive.
NEW  Shaft Clamping Units Application Video
With GN 928 shaft clamping units, round workpieces ranging from 6 mm to 125 mm can be rapidly, accurately, and easily clamped.
Watch our new application video to see where and how these shaft clamping units can be used.
Shaft Clamping Units Application Video
Ganter services: 24h delivery
Fast and direct! Thanks to a streamlined logistics concept, Ganter is capable of delivering standard parts at extremely short notice – anywhere in the world.
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