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Handles and operating elements can act as vehicles for many pathogens. Standard parts with antibacterial surfaces from the Sanline product family can be used to remedy this. We also present the new hinges GN 437 made of A4 stainless steel.
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NEW  Standard Parts with Antibacterial Surfaces
Product family Sanline
With each hand contact, bacteria and germs can adhere to a surface where they can proliferate unchecked over time, such as between two cleaning cycles.
The antibacterial standard parts of the Sanline product family can prevent bacteria and germs from propagating on an operating element.
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Sanline Highlights
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NEW  Hinges GN 437 in Stainless Steel A4
The Stainless Steel-Hinges GN 437 have a constant, adjustable braking torque, which can be changed by an adjusting screw.
This counteracts an automatic movement.
Due to the high-quality stainless steel A4 material, the hinge is particularly suitable for applications in highly aggressive conditions.
You can find more information here.
GN 437
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